I hate Mr scary


I have a hunting knife dagger and an axe. I have bluey-green eyes and brown hair. I ware black iron Armour.


I have a hunting knife dagger, I have bluey green eyes and brown hair. I will slaughter anyone who gets In my way of avenging the death of the wolf pack leader, (Zalyar)who raised me.he got hunted.Thats how I got my hunting knife. The hunter came and brutally murdered the pack leader. The rest of the pack and me ran but not before the second in command, (the new pack leader) could nab his hunting knife and give it to me to avenge Zalyar’s death! trembling I ran after the pack into the sunset…..later on in life I got given my battle Axe as a present this axe has a kill count of 46.


SHIP OF DOOM jo3542sh